Hummingbird Chipset in Samsung Galaxy S has Triple Power of Snapdragon

Apparently the new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone packs a Hummingbird chipset on an Android device and apparently is 3x faster in graphics processing that the much talked about Snapdragon 1GHz CPU reports an article over on devicemag.

They gained this titbit of information courtesy of an article over on android and me, and apparently the Samsung Galaxy S handset has a Cortex-A8 processor that is paired with a PowerXR SGX540 CPU which delivers greater computing speeds.

The Snapdragon QSD8x50 1GHz processor processes twenty-two million triangles per second whereas the Samsung Galaxy S 1GHz app processor hit up some ninety million triangles per second.

So far the only smartphone to pack the PowerXR SCX540 CUP are the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Wave and this is way not much is known about the PowerXR SCX540 CPU.


2 thoughts on “Hummingbird Chipset in Samsung Galaxy S has Triple Power of Snapdragon”

  1. Keith says:

    I think the Samsung rep that quoted 90M tri/sec simply misspoke.

    There is no other indication that Samsung has that level of graphics capability. Furthermore, they are using a SGX540 core, which only has 2X the performance of the old SGX530. So SGX540 should be 20-35Mtri/sec…not 90 MTri/sec.

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