Microsoft Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 smartphones

According to Microsoft’s director of product management for rich client platforms, Brad Becker, Microsoft Silverlight has now been installed on more than 60% of all internet devices reports an article over on newteevee.

In a phone interview Becker said that the application plug-in has recently seen strong momentum with the installation of Silverlight increasing by one third up to 60% from 45% over the last 4 months.

Microsoft’s release of Silverlight 4 is a big step to delivering Silverlight across from the desktop over to mobile phones and onto the Windows Phone 7 Series platform, and has now made it easy for businesses to develop applications and transfer data from a PC to a mobile phone without the need to build out multiple apps.

Microsoft has added several new features to Silverlight to extend its usefulness to the mobile phone arena and now includes support for accelerometers, GPS location service, push notifications and multitouch support along with audio and video capture for cameras and built-in mics.

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