Microsoft Speaks on Xbox Live Integration in Windows Phone 7

You are probably aware that one of the big things with Windows Phone 7 is integration with the Xbox gaming platform, and while at GDC, joystiq managed to grab hold of Ron Pessner, the general manager of Xbox Live and Michael Klucher the XNA Game Studio manager.

The guys then set about interviewing the two on just how games integrate into Windows Phone 7 platform and what developers and gamers should expect in future.

The interview revealed that the way the Phone and Marketplace experience has been built it makes it easy to search for, and XNA Game Studio 4.0 can use the same set of tools to build an Xbox Live game or non Xbox Live game on the platform.

They asked if all developers will be required to use both XNA and Direct3D and is it possible to port games from platforms such as Flash and Java. To which the reply was that everything for Windows Phone 7 is based on the .net platform, which means there are 2 techs available, XNA Game Studio, XNA framework and then Silverlight, thus games need to be based on these to run on a Windows Phone.

We also learn that all Xbox Live services on Windows Phone will be available to either a Silverlight game or XNA Game Studio 4.0 game. For the full rundown on the interview head on over to joystick.com, but come back and let us know your thoughts.

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