Apple iPhone Tips: Making a Conference Call

If you are wondering how to make conference calls on your Apple iPhone, you will be happy to know Dial-a-Phone has the answer.

The iPhone is one clever device and the source above gives you an in-depth guide into making a conference call, are you an iPhone user who would love to do such a thing? The help guide talks about: Basics of the conference call, Adding additional callers to the conference call, Accepting calls into the conference call, How to speak privately with a caller during the conference call and Dropping a caller during the conference call.

In a quick breakdown of how to make a conference call you need to make a call like you would normally do, whilst you are chatting to the first person simply put them on hold.

Then look at your iPhone display and press the “add call” button, the person you was chatting to will have to wait whilst you make the next call, now pick the next person you wish to call and ask them if they want to join in on the conversation you was having with the first person.

If they both agree to be on the conference call click merge calls button and hey presto chat away, the “How to make a conference call” via Dial-a-Phone is long an in-depth and we do recommend you read what they have said.

Many of you probably know how to do this, but we thought for those that do know this will help you so much. Have fun and let us know how you got on.

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