iPhone OS Dominates but Android OS is Chasing

According to the latest statistics from AdMob, when it comes to mobile platforms the smartphone world still belongs to the iPhone OS and Google Android OS reports an article over on arstechnica while feature phones have given way to smartphones for mobile advertising requests.

The AdMod stats reveal that smartphone traffic grew some 193% over the last year and accounted for half of the traffic on their network while feature phone traffic saw an increase of 31% in the same period; however fell from 58% to 35% overall.

When looking at relative smartphone traffic in the United States, the iconic iPhone fell several points from 55% last fall however still commands virtually half the share. Google’s Android platform has seen large growth and is hot on the heels of the iPhone over the last few months.

The growth of Android traffic can be put down to the Motorola Droid which has been quite helpful in the Android drive along with several other HTC Android based handsets.

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