Sprint HTC EVO 4G Video Review

The big news in the mobile phone arena at the moment seems to be centred on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone which Sprint unveiled during CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas and that is probably because other than Apple’s latest creation announcement, Sprint’s is one of the biggest mobile announcements so far this year.

Obviously anything to do with the Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone is going to be news, and we have a Sprint HTC EVO 4G video review for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of the guys over at devicemag.

The just over five minute Sprint HTC EVO 4G video review has been made by Noah from over at phone dog when he visited CTIA 2010, and gives us a good look at the Android WiMAX handset.

Although as it wasn’t quite a final version they couldn’t dig around in the software too much. Anyway enough from me I’ll leave you to head on down to the video and hit play…enjoy.


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  1. The unleashing of the EVO 4G is sure to be beyond belief. I cannot wait to get in line and wait this phone out. My local Sprint store is going to be open at 8am. I hope this phone is not a failure like the Palm Pre. Such a horrible phone. I got a lot of good info from HTC EVO Review

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