HTC EVO 4G is Ready But is Sprint?

The big buzz in the mobile phone world at present is the Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone which was unveiled at CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas and will run on the WiMAX 4G network, but is Sprint 4G ready asks csmonitor.

Sprint has stated that their 4G towers are up in 27 US cities which include Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Baltimore and that will cover 30 million people and more cities will undoubtedly be added by the time the Sprint HTC EVO 4G gets released.

However, Sprint does has a shoddy history where WiMAX is concerned and they cite an article over on pcmag titled “Don’t By ‘4G’ Phones for 4G Features Yet.”

If you area doesn’t support 4G yet then the Sprint EVO 4G doesn’t look as compelling as it does, but according to Sprint if you move out of a 4G area the HTC EVO 4G will switch to 3G. So do you wait for a larger 4G network roll out before purchasing a 4G handset or do you grab it as soon as it’s available and run on 3G until 4G is more widespread?

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