Motorola drops Google search engine for Microsoft Bing in China

Motorola that wants to build its mobile phone business around giants Google’s Android software has decided to drop Google search engine in favour of Microsoft Bing in China.

This has only happened on one of its Android phones in China, the Google search engine in its Zhishang device shipped to China Telecom Corp is no longer included.

This month Microsoft Bing search and maps will now be preloaded onto phones in China, Motorola according to India Times (Info Tech) is adding the likes of Baidu as an option on Android phones sold in the country.

“If you were partnering with Google in China, your business plans have just fallen apart,” said Bertram Lai, head of research at CIMB-GK Securities in Hong Kong. “You need to scramble and find new partners.”

For more information please do visit the source above, do you think they have made the right decision to use Microsoft Bing.

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