For Nokia N97 and N97 Mini Nokia Bots

The Nokia Bots if you didn’t already know is the latest software solution for those lucky owners of Nokia Smartphone’s. it comes directly from Nokia Beta Labs, and is a collection of old add ons.

Four add ons have been included which are for the Nokia N97 and Mini N97. Bot’s is a collection of add ons that autonomously learn all your personal preferences and will endeavour to improve your user experience.

There are new customised features and tricks. The phone automatically configures and activates the add ons or bots depending on how you are using your phone. The four add ons in Nokia Bots are Profile Bot, Alarm Bot, Shortcut Bot and Battery Bot.

The profile Bot has been created in order to make sure that you wont forget to change the profile say when your in an important meeting. You will be able to confirm automated profile. Have a look at the video to find out more. Source- news.softpedia.com

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