20 Free Sets of iPhone Icons Available

As you know, most smartphone sue icons and these can sometimes become quite boring to look at over a period of time. However if you own an Apple iPhone you can swap your iPhone icons to give your iPhone a fresh look.

According to an article over on iphone toolbox, there are now twenty new sets of iPhone icons available for download to your iPhone, each of which is “simple but creative and beautiful,” says the article.

The 20 iPhone icon sets are called Illumine, Dulce, Suave, Adorned, Glasklart, Prmp, Touchit, iCon, Zirhk, Dusk, QS07, Oletus, Doux, Soda, Fresh Summer, Sista Release, Graphite SBSettings, 3G, Rezon, and Quab,

So there you go; 20 new sets of icons to brighten up your iPhone and to give your iPhone a unique theme, so what are you waiting for go grab some iPhone icon goodness.

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