AT&T Could Benefit IF BlackBerry Users Switch to iPhone

Well that is a fairly obvious statement one would think. According to an article over on trefis, a survey by Crowd Science shows that if a large percentage of all BlackBerry users where to swap from their BlackBerry smartphone over to the iPhone it would benefit AT&T.

The recent survey showed that if, and it’s a big IF, roughly 40 percent of all BlackBerry smartphone users in the United States swapped their BlackBerry for an iPhone, iPhone carrier AT&T would see an upside of 5 percent to $37 according to trefis estimates.

They say the reasons are that BlackBerry loyalty is dropping off and that only 7 percent of Blackberry users use their handset for business only while 93 percent use their handset for personal and professional.

Of course it’s all just figures and it’s not likely that 40 percent of BlackBerry smartphone users are suddenly going to shift over to the iPhone especially while it’s still exclusive to AT&T.

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