Best iPhone 4G video ever, how did we miss this!

What we have here is probably the best looking concept of an iPhone 4G smartphone there is, however one does have to state that with current tech available, even to the Apple techs, this iPhone 4G concept is probably never going to materialise.

Even the great Steve Jobs would have a hard time getting this into reality, but the idea is really good and the only way to actually describe just how good this iPhone would be is to simply watch the video demonstration.

The iPhone 4G first look prototype video only last 37 seconds, but it is probably the best 37 seconds of any iPhone video to date and comes courtesy of the guys over at next iphone news.

I’m going to stop there and simply let you head on down to the video and mash play and be amazed because if Apple or anyone ever managed to get this iPhone the iPhone would sit at the top of the pile for years…enjoy.


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