iPhone HD: Will it really feature A4 CPU and Multitasking

As we know John Gruber from Daring Fireball has so far been the most reliable source we have found on Apple products although he has been known to be slightly off track in the past generally he always manages to spark up a discussion and now is no different.

The discussion aroused is all about the next generation iPhone rumoured to be known as iPhone HD, he comments in relation to a report on Wall Street Journal stating they were lame. They have no actual details of the next generation iPhone. Not the A4+ family CPU system on a chip, not the 960 x 640 double resolution display. Not the second front facing camera not even the third party multitasking in iPhone OS 4, all they have is that there is going to be a new iPhone this summer. States Gruber.

Of course he doesn’t claim to have all the answers or that he knows the exact specifications of the next generation iPhone, however he has let it all out while countering WSJ’s acclaimed next gen iPhone rumours.

Only in time will we know whether or not he is actually right or wrong but what we do know is that the specifications do look absolutely amazing and they certainly look better than anything else out on the market currently. Want to know more? Read on

The current CPU system on a chip on the iPhone 3GS as we know still out performs other competing SOCs of the same clock speed. Imagine if the next gen iPhone HD has the A4 CPU which also powers the iPad it will certainly pack a punch to say the least. The most requested feature for the next gen iPhone HD has got to be multitasking and since the iPad doesn’t have it either we can assume that the iPhone OS 4.0 will be the one. Most phones do have a higher resolution screen when compared to the iPhone however if Apple plan to change that it is quite logical to expect them to include a higher resolution that their competitors. Source – ithinkdiff.com via redmondpie.com

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