Motorola CLIQ update with range of improvements rolls out

Motorola and T Mobile have started their deployment of a new update for those of you that have a Motorola CLIQ the software update is 1.4.8.

This new solution brings a range of improvements for the phones battery the touchscreen and Bluetooth functionality for starters. Sadly though it does seem that the update wont bring with it Android 2.1 to the device even though we have all pretty much expected this too happen.

The software update has already started to roll out to Motorola CLIQ owners and it has been reported by TmoNews that 1000 users have already received the solution. The operating system remains unchanged from 1.5 but there are a range of cool enhancements that are included in the package.

There are improvements to text messaging, enhancements to audio quality, improvements to user interface performance, additional device stability and the ability to view documents in Microsoft Office 2007 format. Motorola have also claimed that the new software solution will allow users to listen to visual voicemail through Bluetooth as well as other enchantments. Source – news.softpedia.com

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