Viper SmartStart for iPhone, So What Is it?

Viper SmartStart for the iPhone is actually an iPhone app which enables the iPhone user to remotely lock, unlock and even start your vehicle, thus cutting out the need to carry a bunch of keys and is available from viper.com

ViperSmartStart for the iPhone and iPod Touch delivers a simple graphic interface to the user which gives control over such features as Lock/arm, Unlock/disarm, Trunk release, Panic or car finder, and Remote car starter.

Recently, the ViperStartSmart app for iPhone has just received a major update which now delivers additional features such as vehicle personalisation, app passcode protection; error messages when a command isn’t received, two-way confirmation of commands at vehicle, button confirmation and password management utilities.

There are 2 versions available, Viper SmartStart Module at $299 and the Viper SmartStart System which costs $499

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