The Good and the Bad of iPhone Gaming Controllers

One thing that lacks with the iPhone when it comes to gaming is physical buttons, something most gamers are used to when using other gaming machines, but there are numerous 3rd-party add-on controllers that try to deliver a most traditional gaming experience on the iPhone.

The guys over at ismashphone have taken a look at what iPhone game controllers are available on the market and here’s what they come up with, the good, the not so good, and the bad of iPhone gaming controllers.

iPhone gaming controllers such as the “Game Controller Grip” which resembles a more traditional game pad are basically cheap, plastic and not of great use aside from the economical grip. Then there’s the “SteeringWheel” which basically does the same as the “Game Controller Grip” but not as efficiently and even reduced the portability of your iPhone.

They do however say that the 22Moo GameBone almost got it right as if holds the iPhone and connects by the 30-pin dock but isn’t released until later this year, but it is the most promising of iPhone game controllers, but still has a downside as developers need to create games to be compatible with the hardware.

So what are your views on iPhone game controllers, do you know of one that suits the iPhone perfectly? If so feel free to drop us a comment and let us know.

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