Video: iPhone 4G Display Assembly Captured

The net wave have been rife with speculative reports on the much talked about next generation iPhone which is being called the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD as it is now being referred to, well we have a little visual for you to cast your eyes over today.

What we have here is a video which is said to be of the iPhone 4G LCD + Digitiser Assembly, and lasts just over the four minute mark and delivers a side by side comparison between the iPhone 4G and the iPhone 3G display assemblies.

The video can be located below and comes via the guys over at intomobile courtesy of tuaw, and when you view the video you’ll note that the iPhone 4G faceplate looks to be about a quarter of an inch longer than the iPhone 3G faceplate.

Anyway I don’t want to give too much away at this point as it is much better for you to simply head on down and mash play if you haven’t already done so…enjoy.

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