Is Apple Staging a Fight between Verizon and AT&T for iPhone

Apparently according to an article over on the WSJ, they are intimating that Apple may be staging a fight between the wireless giants and if Apple gains the iPhone in the next year or so that battle will heat up, but it doesn’t matter who wins between AT&T and Verizon the main winner will be Apple.

Furthermore they say that Apple may not get a real good wholesale price from Verizon as they have AT&T during an exclusivity period, but a Verizon iPhone would sharply boost their American market share probably at the expense of Android and others.

One does have to consider that Verizon Wireless has a customer base of 91.2 million compared to 85.1 million with AT&T and apparently there is a larger disparity when you just count customers with contracts and of course the complaints about the AT&T network has no doubt kept some potential iPhone customers away.

However, basically Verizon and AT&T may have a bloody battle with the iPhone and customers but in the end Apple will be sitting back watching and counting the cash; let the battle commence.

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