Apple Planning CDMA iPhone for Verizon and Sprint this Year?

Apparently people briefed by Apple have stated that Apple is planning to begin the production of a new CDMA iPhone which would enable other US carriers to offer the iPhone and will be a CDMA iPhone, reports an article over on the WSJ.

The article also says that this new iPhone would work on the network used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint and a few others in other countries such as Japan and South Korea.

Furthermore with Apple working on a CDMA iPhone for possible launch later this year it appears that iPhone exclusivity with AT&T is set to end. When asked, Verizon Wireless as expected declined to comment; however a spokesperson for AT&T said that there has been a lot of incorrect speculation concerning a CDMA iPhone we haven’t seen it yet and only Apple knows if it may occur.

As for the release of the iPhone 4G, well apparently people who were briefed have said that Apple plans to release a new version this summer about the same time as usual, while 2 people familiar with the device have said it will likely be thinner and sport a faster processor.


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