Analyst says Verizon to gain iPhone in 12 months

If analyst’s predictions are to be believed we just may be seeing a Verizon iPhone within the next 12 months as according to an article over on cnbc analyst for Cannacord Adams, Pete Misek says he’s hearing much the same.

Apparently Misek says that the soonest it will see launch will be June; however apparently the people he spoke to at Verizon have said they should get the iPhone within nine to twelve months.

As for what the Verizon iPhone will look like, Misek says it will look just like the iPhone 3G. So there you have it the big speculation is that there will be a Verizon iPhone coming in the not too distant future.

Just in case you want to watch the interview with Pete Misek where he gives his views on the Verizon iPhone launch date I have placed the video below for your viewing please.

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