CDMA Verizon and Sprint iPhone Coming

The net seems to be afire with the latest gossip that Apple is working on a new CDMA version iPhone which is expect to go with Verizon Wireless and possible Sprint within a year, there has been reports that the Wall Street Journal has reported on a CDMA iPhone is coming.

While Cannacord Adams analyst Pete Misek has stated that Verizon should see a Verizon CDMA iPhone within 9 to 12 months and says this comes for people he talked to at Verizon.

So either several someone has got it drastically wrong, or the wrong end of the stick, or we’ll be seeing the much anticipated CDMA iPhone hit the Verizon network in the not too distant future.

Personally I think Apple bringing the iPhone to the Verizon network is a good move on their part, sure Apple is bound to benefit from allowing the biggest network in the US to sell the iPhone, but more importantly all those who have been waiting for a CDMA iPhone to appear will be pleases, that is if and when it happens.

So what do you think is the Verizon iPhone coming, will Sprint get the iPhone too? Or do you think it’s all speculation blown out of proportion?


4 thoughts on “CDMA Verizon and Sprint iPhone Coming”

  1. Barry Yates says:

    I think verizon is well over due the iphone. I been with verizon formly cellurone since 1989 and I think this would be the best move by far. I couldn’t understand why Apple went with AT&T to start with when verizon has always had the better network.

  2. Marcy Binder says:

    It’s about time that those who love Apple but find AT&T distasteful (at best) will be able to enjoy the best phone on the market. Hurry up! We have a family of three just waiting to buy.

  3. Amos Woods says:

    I think the iphone to Verizon wireless is ridiculous. Plus that’s verizon network is so yesterday. Now the iphone to sprint is cool. I believe sprint deserves to have the iphone soon, real soon. What could be better then to have sprint on the NOW network. I refuse to leave sprint and sign up with at&t just to get the iphone. For one at&t had horrible service. I refuse to leave sprint and sign up with verizon wireless to get the iphone if they do get it. For one verizon wireless has horrible customer service. Please bring the iphone to sprint ASAP.

  4. Fred says:

    I have been with ATT for quite some time they bought out the Cingular that I was on! In Indianapolis it has to be the worse going! I can go around 465 and get kicked off no less than 3 times! Have reported it and they say nothing is wrong! Maybe not by their standards!!!!

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