Can BlackBerry handle Verizon iPhone Pressure

For now Research In Motion commands the biggest smartphone market share with their BlackBerry smartphones, but with the increasing rumour that the iPhone will be coming to the Verizon network this year, can BlackBerry handle the pressure a Verizon iPhone may bring?

According to an article over on CNN, the answer to that question is yes RIM is likely to hold a leading position even if said Verizon iPhone rumour pans out.

The Canadian BlackBerry maker’s shares slipped almost 1.3 percent on Tuesday probably due to speculation over the Verizon iPhone; however apparently analysts kept upbeat views of Research In Motion and noted that both Apple and RIM can continue to gain market share.

Vivek Arya, a research analyst for Bank of America, said “Ultimately with just 6% combined share of the cellphone market, both RIM and Apple have enough headroom to grow and prosper,” and added that a Verizon iPhone would expand Verizon’s smartphone share rather than chop into Research In Motion’s slice at Verizon.

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