Verizon iPhone could kill AT&T, AT&T pays Apple $600 per phone, sells $199

The old rumour mill and speculation factory is running rife this week over the possibility of a Verizon iPhone making its way out into the big wide world later this year, which gives speculation as to what damage a Verizon iPhone would do to AT&T.

Most reports stem from an article posted by the WSJ which says that Apple is planning on producing a new iPhone this year which will allow other US carriers than AT&T to offer the iPhone, and that said new iPhone will work on the CDMA network.

As we all know CDMA is Verizon and Sprint and AT&T use GSM, so if correct it looks like the Verizon iPhone is about to become a reality.

The article also states that AT&T pays Apple $600 per iPhone and sells each for $199 which means that AT&T subsidise the iPhone to the tune of $400.

So the thing is this, if or when the Verizon iPhone appears could it kill AT&T? Many are unhappy with AT&T and have voiced complaints which could mean there will be an exodus from AT&T once the iPhone is available on Verizon, what do you think?

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