Elan asks US ITC to Ban imports of Apple iPad

Ah the old patent infringement accusation game continues, this time with the Taiwanese touch screen and chip maker, Elan Microelectronics Corp who has apparently asked the US International Trade Commission to ban certain Apple products, reports an article over on cultofmac.

And apparently the offending Apple product allegedly infringing a patent is none other than the Apple iPad along with of course the iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook and Magic Mouse all of which use tech that Elan claims infringes on their patent “352”

Patent “352” was granted to Elan in 1998 for directing the simultaneous presence of two or more fingers. Dennis Liu, spokesperson for Elan told Bloomberg, “Our goal is to protect our technology and to stop sales of those products in the U.S.”

Elan has sued Apple before apparently back in April of last year filinf against Apple in Claifornia over another touch screen patent “353”. Apple has not yet commented on the patent infringement allegation.

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