Patent for iPad secured by Apple less than week away from launch

Well talk about by the leaving it to the last minute, less than a week away from the Apple iPad launch and it seems the patent guys are looking favourably on the famous company from Cupertino.

No not another legal battle from Apple this time its that they are building their portfolio. Apple have just secured a pair of patents that cover the iPad’s use of its accelerometer and also broadband antenna.

The patents are in relation to the use of the iPad’s accelerometer in gaming applications. They have been in use for some time now on the iPhone as when you tilt or rotate the iPhone it will automatically change the screen orientation to align with the device.

Although there isn’t really special in this patent that will appeal to the average user, but it will certainly pave the way for more compact Smartphone’s for all different kinds of wireless standards in the future. It is obvious that Apple’s iPad and future iPhone devices will benefit from these patents. Source – intomobile.com via patentlyapple.com

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