iPhone to be tweaked to reduce strain on AT&T

A recent report shows that both Apple and AT&T are working together in an attempt to tweak the extremely popular iPhone a little.

The reason behind the tweaking is to lessen the strain on AT&T’s network. John Donovan AT&T CTO and other executives had apparently stopped by Apple’s campus to offer some advice on wireless networking.

The outcome is that Apple tweaked how the iPhone communicates with AT&T’s towers which puts less of a load on the network for those simple tasks such as finding the nearest tower or checking for available messages. It isn’t known yet if the changes are software or hardware.

But the main question being asked is will this resolve the network issues faced by AT&T subscribers or as some would say should AT&T dig deep and invest more into hardware. Back in January Apple executives made a very clear attempt to demonstrate that they are more than happy with their relationship with AT&T. Source – ubergizmo.com via appleinsider.com

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