Verizon iPhone: Come back down to earth, its not coming yet

Obviously the mention of the iPhone coming to the Verizon network is big and exciting news, and the word that the Verizon iPhone is on its way has caused some commotion on the net waves and has brought up comments that customers with AT&T will switch to Verizon as soon as the Verizon iPhone hits.

However, according to an article over on pcworld, everyone needs to come back down to earth as the Verizon iPhone won’t come as soon as you may think.

They say although the WSJ reported that Apple is to start production of a CDMA iPhone which is the network Verizon uses rather than the GSM which AT&T uses, said production start will begin in September although other sources say this is subject to change and possible be a delay between production and sale.

So basically it means a Verizon iPhone is possible a minimum of 5 months away or even longer, and one has to remember, rumours aren’t always correct, which is what all this hype is based on in the first place. Other rumour has it a 4th generation iPhone will be faster and thinner than before, but there’s no speculation of what a Verizon iPhone would look like.

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