Video Fennec for Android on Motorola Milestone

Okay so some say it is slow, some say it is bumpy and some would say it may not even work on your Android device, even after installing the 41MB package.

But nevertheless it is something that we’ve been waiting for FireFox for Mobile other wise known as Fennec, on Android surely it’s worth all the hassle isn’t it?

According to the chaps over at Engadget.com and their experience of is on the Nokia N900 it most definitely is worth all the hassle.

This is thanks to MartinSchirr over at androidforums.com as he is the one responsible for the port and at the moment it is your best option until those cats at Mozilla issue an official Android release some time later on this year. Have a butchers at the video showing it on the Motorola Milestone anyway and see it totally mess and hassle free.

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