New Apple iPhone S 2020, new concept idea

One would have thought there was enough iPhone news and speculation floating the net waves about the iPhone 4G and the Verizon iPhone and what they may look like. However perhaps looking to just this year or the next where the iPhone is concerned is a little short sighted and perhaps we should be looking further into the future.

Well it appears that Ceriel Verschoor has gazed into the crystal ball and came up with a design concept for the iPhone of 2020, yes that’s 2020, reports an article over concept-phones

Taking a 10 year leap into iPhone future the 2020 smartphone is budded the iPhone S and features a glass unibody, Apple AI with voice recognition, full OS with “mobile user mode” 8th gen gaming capabilities, wireless charging and 4 terabytes of local caching.

The iPhone S also sports gesture and touch input, transparent 3D colour display, a colour E-Ink core,, and a sensory data filter which streamlines object info, and front and back camera along with fingerprint authentication. Very sci-fi futuristic iPhone stuff indeed.


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