Apple iPhone 4G touch capabilities, front and back magic

An article was posted earlier today which looked at some of an analysts predictions for the CDMA iPhone and also iPhone 4G.

A closer look at the original source of the article revealed some pretty interesting predictions to say the least, in relation to the rumoured iPhone 4G.

Obviously there were some predictions that were more viable than others but one states that the analyst believes that the iPhone 4G will feature 64GB of NAND flash storage, together with a 5 megapixel camera and also an AMOLED screen.

Increased battery life is also mentioned, however the next prediction is something that has not been spotted or talked about previously. He suspects or predicts that the next generation iPhone may feature a rear touch panel which will give the device 4G touch capabilities on both sides this could increase the hand held gaming functionality. HD video playback is another assumption of the new iPhone device. Source – product-reviews.net via appleinsider.com

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