Verizon iPhone 4GA Confirmed with 4G LTE and dual boot Android

Go back around a year and Verizon Wireless was considered to be one of the tightest carriers when it came to gimping up their devices. But now the largest carrier in America is actually assisting in leading the way forward in innovation, and now the iPhone 4GA is said to come with 4G LTE and dual boot Android.

The company have adopted an aggressive approach when it has come to Android, and integrating Skype, but remember when the Motorola Droid landed on Verizon as the first 2.0 phone with Google Navigation on board everything else was left on 1.x

Verizon have the power and the ability to lead the way forward and the company recently turned down Apple’s offer to exclusively carry the iPhone and haven’t turned back for a look over their shoulders since.

Remember what Verizon did with the Palm Pre, when it finally launched they demanded they got the Plus versions of the device. It seems now may be the time that Apple will give Verizon what they’ve been waiting for. According to an anonymous person Verizon have agreed terms with Apple on the iPhone 4GA, the device is said not only to utilize the carrier’s new LTE connectivity but also dual boot Android. Hmmm exactly and Apple iPhone that will dual boot Android. Certainly an interesting thought. Although this is sourced from phandroid.com please remember what day of the year it is today though and prepare to take this with a pinch of salt. Got any comments or thoughts on this? Feel free to leave them with us.


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