Verizon iPhone pushes AT&T for a better service, hurry up!

Apple have a new iPhone coming soon to Verizon if reports are correct and AT&T really need to step up to the plate to do something about this before it is too late.

AT&T are getting hammered with complaints and many of our readers have posted comments saying that they cannot wait for Verizon to release the new iPhone, there are complaints of AT&T’s much-criticized network, time to do something about it now whilst they can is what we say.

WSJ have written an article that is very long but too the point explaining that consumers have complained about its poor coverage in major cities like San Francisco and New York, this is why AT&T is working very hard indeed to reduce dropped calls and of course to speed up its web-browsing, they need to do this before Apple release the iPhone to Verizon or they could potentially lose many customers.

AT&T has improved its network in densely populated cities and they have also added a new network spectrum to handle more pressure with traffic, even repositioning antennas to improve reception.

Have they given customers a better service? Well we will let you answer that because we do not think so but they are getting there slowly. Verizon still give a better call quality, “They haven’t fixed the network and they’re going to see a huge exodus to Verizon” when it gets the iPhone, said Edward Snyder, managing director of Charter Equity Research, a financial research firm that studies the cellular phone industry.

The new iPhone for Verizon could hit as early as September and AT&T’s exclusivity will only last until the end of the year, if AT&T wish to hold on to its customers then surely they need to step up the plate and over a better calling quality service.

Are you an AT&T customer who has the Apple iPhone? Is the service really good for you? Will you leave AT&T and go to Verizon when the new iPhone is released? So many questions that we would like for you to answer.

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