The Myth of Verizon iPhone Will it Materialise?

The blogosphere is ablaze with the news of a potential iPhone heading the Big Red way, the much sort after Verizon iPhone, a name that has become almost as famous as the elusive “iPhone killer” tag mainly due to so many people wishing Apple would actually pull their technological finger out of their technological socket and actually make a CDMA iPhone.

Several rumours have popped up on the net waves this week, most heralding the imminent arrival of the myth of the Verizon iPhone, an iPhone specially constructed to surf the CDMA network, some say the Verizon iPhone will arrive later this year, other’s say it will be next year or longer.

Well all of it is really speculation or hope fuelled by rumour, this source said that, people familiar with the subject said this, sources close to the company say that etcetera, etcetera. But really when you look at it there are probably only two who know if or when a Verizon iPhone will come, and that is of course Verizon and Apple.

Then again Verizon may not even know as Apple always play things to do with the iPhone close to their chests and keep a firm grip on everything by never confirming anything until they are good and ready.

So until that time the prospects of a Verizon iPhone remains rumour , a mythical hope that Apple won’t let down again those who expected the Verizon iPhone to be announced the same time as the Apple iPad, but don’t get your hopes up.

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