Verizon iPhone: Is now the time to invest in Apple?

All the latest news about a new Verizon iPhone and Apple dominance has got us thinking, and this is something all major mobile companies should think about too.

It has been reported that Apple is working on two new iPhones, one for Verizon based on CDMA and an updated AT&T version based on GSM, then there is the chance of a new iPhone HD release or iPhone 4G call it what you may. What will these new releases do to the mobile market?

Verizon is working on upgrading its network to the 4G technology LTE (Long-Term Evolution) but as we know this will take quite a while for them to be on top off things with little problems that could be a headache, this is why a CDMA version is definitely the way to go (For now anyway).

If Apple is to release a string of new iPhones, other mobile carriers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, RIM and Palm would have too raise its game and bring something very special to the table to be anywhere near decent competition.

Apple in the UK for example used O2 to push its iPhones being the exclusive carriers, and now the iPhone is with many other carriers in the UK, then in the USA you have AT&T as the exclusive carrier, which seems to be changing very soon when they lose exclusivity.

A Verizon iPhone is practical in everyway for Verizon and of course Apple, but how practical would it be for other carriers in the U.S? Healthy competition is always good but what affect will it have on users and carriers.

If the Verizon iPhone surfaces this year or early next year for its millions of customers how many AT&T customers would Verizon gain. Apple and Verizon shares are already rising since the announcement of a new iPhone and this would rise even more when they finally have their hands on the device.

So the big question is “Is now the time to invest in Apple?” We would love to read your feedback.

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