Nokia N8 64GB Fake Announcement: IntoMobile get punked

Today is April Fools Day and IntoMobile just got punked, oops it happens to the best of us. They reported earlier on today the Nokia N8 64 GB press release leak and that this device will be announced April 20 (Not an April Fools’ joke).

All we say is IntoMobile do not face the wall and cry because it is all a little bit of fun and you got caught out, happens to us now and then.

They said over on their site that the new Nokia device will be called either the Nokia N8 12 MP or the N8 64 GB and a press release gives much more information. The press release said the smartphone would feature a 12-megapixel camera with wide angle Carl Zeiss optics, designed to excel in both bright and low light conditions and high-speed connectivity.

The price is estimated to be around EUR 575, before taxes and subsidies, and will ship sometime third quarter of 2010. Please visit IntoMobile for the full fake press release. Love it

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