Nokia N8-00 aka N98 or N8 leaked via Nokia Site

The Nokia N8-00 or the Nokia N98 or N8 as it has been otherwise referred to has been accidentally leaked by one of Nokia’s own sites according to a report over on fonehome.co.uk via noknok.tv

There are clear references to the N8-00, although they are displayed as part of an XML file rather than a full press release. Having said that surely the sighting of the Nokia N8-00 on an official Nokia site is saying something.

We can assume that the Nokia N8-00 will be Nokia’s next flagship device being the first that will feature the Symbian ^3 operating system. Other rumours are in relation to the capacitive touchscreen which is believed to be 3.5 inch with a 360 x 640 display.

If the screen is indeed a 3.5 inch one then that is the same as the Nokia N97 so then you would think that the Nokia N8-00 would likely come sans QWERTY. There is no mention in the document of support nor is there mention of the rumoured capacitive display. Symbian ^3 is mentioned as the operating system so it would seem those rumours have panned out. Not much else to say on the subject at the moment but we will endeavour to keep you informed as and when more information is available to us.

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