HOT: Microsoft Zune HD 64GB release date and price

Hot news just in shows that the Microsoft Zune HD 64GB release date will be April 12, and the price will be $349.99.

This means that this device will be $50 cheaper than the 64 GB iPod Touch, wonder what one you will choose. The 16GB and 32GB Zune HD Models are currently $199.99 and $269.99, Apple sell the 8GB and 32GB iPod Touch devices for $199 and $299.

The new HD Zunes will have many new features thanks to a firmware update, like the new DJ creator that will work straight on the gadget.

For more information please do visit Top News and Hexus, will you buy the new Microsoft Zune HD 64GB or will you stick with the Apple iPod Touch?

Please use our poll system below and let us know if you would prefer the Microsoft or the Apple device…

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4 thoughts on “HOT: Microsoft Zune HD 64GB release date and price”

  1. Jason Moore says:

    The Zune HD is an amazing piece of technology – I own the 32gb model and will be getting the 64gb when it releases – Dare I say a perfect MP3 / Video player

  2. andrew espinoza says:

    I have the zune hd 16gb. It is awsome a round of applause I will trade it in for the 64 gb zune to have more memory. zune is a excellent piece of perfection

  3. chris wright says:

    i got a 30gb zune which i used rarely went to add more music and its crashed tried everything on all the forums no joy. i have looked after it never dropped always had protective case i am very dissapointed as im in uk .wouldnt buy another will go for apple instead sorry ms but feel let down

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