Can HTC EVO 4G kick ass with iPhone and Nexus One?

The announcement of the new Sprint HTC EVO 4G at the CTIA 2010 Event went down very well indeed, and many of our readers are searching this smartphone a lot, we thought we would ask you a simple question “Can HTC EVO 4G kick ass with iPhone and Nexus One?”

When you look at the specifications and features this handset is truly a cut above the rest, well on paper anyway. The Android beauty will give you the best downloading speed and a stunning 4.3-inch 480 by 800 TFT LCD touchscreen; the 1GHz snapdragon processor is a very good choice as well and will offer you amazing speeds.

It also comes with an 8MP dual mode camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel camera which is HD video recording capable on the front, other specs include 1GB internal storage and 512MB RAM.

When it comes to the specs you can clearly see how much better this is over the Apple iPhone and the Google Nexus One, it has the looks, the speed, and the charisma.

The responsiveness of this handset is amazing thanks to the HTC sense UI, the movement of the phone its self is impressive and fast, love the bit where you can view all home screens simultaneously.

It has an HDMI out and can be linked up with the TV (You will need an adaptor for this though), and the built-in kickstand is a gadget most phones should have.

The HTC EVO 4G can make calls over CDMA and the additional feature is WiMax/4G capability, the only thing we are waiting for is the price (We say expensive, hopefully we are wrong).

Overall the HTC EVO 4G knocks the spots of the iPhone and Nexus One, but we feel nothing can take the charm and quality away from the iPhone, we will let you know more.

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7 thoughts on “Can HTC EVO 4G kick ass with iPhone and Nexus One?”

  1. \”specs include 1GB internal storage and 512 GB RAM. \”

    Pretty sure the 512GB ram is WAY off, and is a typo
    should be 512MB of RAM since there are NO PC\’s with 512GB of ram let alone any other platform in production that can actually take 512GB of ram in a single chassis

  2. James says:

    I want to know the price, I want one and so does my fiance. I also would like to know if the phone will be underclocked like some phones (Palm Pre) this would be a big disappointment if it is.

  3. Informed says:

    You forgot this one: HTC EVO 4G is better than Apple iPhone and the Nexus One.

    No phone in America compares to the EVO, Verizon will not have a 4G device until mid-2011, by the way Apple does things (it’s all about the app-store) the next iphone will be another rehash.

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