Will Samsung Galaxy S price really be over $1000?

Apparently the price of the Samsung Galaxy S will be over $1000, which is a little steep if you ask us and a price Android fans will not pay.

MobileReview got their mitts on this smartphone and have given a full review and a video (Posted Below), we have talked about the specs and the handset numerous times but it is the price and date that interests us the most.

June release and a price of $1000+ is a big fat ouch to the pocket, obviously no official news has been announced as of yet but it will come soon. In Russia the Samsung device will launch in June for 30,000 Rubles ($1000), can you really see this mobile phone selling for such a high price?

The Samsung Galaxy S really needs to be a lot cheaper than this for any chance of good strong sales, if not then expect sales to be low. Please answer our poll question below where you can cast your vote; oh and please watch the video below.

Source – Phandroid

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One thought on “Will Samsung Galaxy S price really be over $1000?”

  1. guest says:

    Do you mean 1K without subsidy? Maybe, and that's a maybe. Also, the most important thing to consider here is that this is a Russian price, meaning, you have to look at the way prices of other phones (especially Samsung) are priced in Russia compared to the market you want to inform (u.k. in your case).

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