Samsung Galaxy S to go Pro rumour

We all love rumours however bizarre some of them end up turning out to be. But this one is something that will definitely get you thinking.

The rumour is that Samsung may well be working on a keyboard packing Galaxy S. now there isn’t a great deal that can be said about the device that doesn’t exist beside the fact that there is a mockup of what the pro version of the Galaxy S may look like.

For those that don’t know the Galaxy S is one hell of a Smartphone device with a super 4 inch Super AMOLED display, with some truly amazing graphic processing power.

It certainly has a lot going in it’s favour although some of you may like the idea of a keyboard, so therefore the Samsung Galaxy S Pro may suit you. If it ever comes to life that is. Another appealing feature of the Galaxy is the size it is just so thin just 9.9mm okay so a keyboard would make a bit of a difference. Source – intomobile.com via slashphone.com

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