Simultaneous Voice and Data Cannot be Handled by HTC EVO 4G

Oh well, perhaps the new Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone isn’t as cracked up as it’s hyped to be, yes it will be faster, yes it will run of the WiMAX network, but when it comes to handling data and voice simultaneously, not a chance reports an article over on ubergizmo.

Word has it the old CDMA cannot handle data and voice at the same time seems to ring true with the Sprint HTC EVO 4G as HTC has apparently confirmed via an article on the android community, that when you sue the HTC EVO 4G for data you will not be able to use CDMA for voice.

However; apparently there is a ray of light as the word is the issues is not due to strict limitation in the hardware, thus if would like to throw a little upgrading magic the HTC EVO 4G’s way sometime in the future this issue may just get solved.

Don’t go placing any bets on it though. So is being able to use simultaneous voice and data a deal breaker for you with the Sprint HTC EVO 4G?


4 thoughts on “Simultaneous Voice and Data Cannot be Handled by HTC EVO 4G”

  1. Mitch says:

    Yea that’s. Good question John. But at the end of the day it still would require you voice but then again it could jus send your voice through as data packets thus allowing your voice and data to go through simultaneously. And not actually making a call. Good point John. Now on sencond thought, I wonder how the other person…. Yes that would work because they could jus be using google voice also. But I bet if u have to make a call you would prob have to connect through wifi.

    I think that the cam on the front will open up many doors for differnt apps that can allow a voice call

    u left sprint because I got tired of the pre and I wanted somethig better n I got a 3gs. Now I can’t wait till this evo cones out because when it does, I’ll be n front of the store the night before it comes out.

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