HTC Desire Receives OTA Update 1.15.405.4

HTC has now released an over the air firmware update to their latest Android 2.1 flagship smartphone, the HTC Desire as of April Fools Day reports an article over on pocket-lint, which now sees the HTC Desire firmware at version 1.15.405.4.

The announcement came on the HTC support pages which basically stated that due to their commitment to delivering their customers they are pushing out a new firmware update to the HTC Desire.

If you are an owner of an HTC Desire you should receive a notification as to when firmware update 1.15.405.4 is available then all you need to do is press OK to accept the firmware update.

Once you have received said HTC Desire firmware update you can verify it has installed by confirming the Software Number is 1.15.405.4, if it is then you have successfully downloaded the new firmware. No word on what’s new with this firmware update, so if you find anything feel free to drop us a comment and let us know.


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