HTC Incredible Verizon Training is April Fools Stunt

It hit the net waves yesterday that Verizon has an online course for their employees to train on the upcoming HTC Incredible which would run from the 1st of April to the 12th with a 45 minute duration and the guys over at berryscoop posted an image showing said Verizon HTC Incredible training course.

The guys said having worked with Verizon the image screen did look authentic, which originated from android forums, but at the time couldn’t confirm whether it was real and were trying to confirm its authenticity with their Verizon sources.

Well they have now updated their post and can confirm that Verizon Training on the HTC Incredible hasn’t started and that the image is an April Fools stunt by the original poster.

So there you have it, no doubt Verizon will at some point begin training on the HTC Incredible smartphone, but not just yet. Still we can’t blame the guys for falling for this, most would have and it is difficult to authenticate news immediately.

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