New iPhone 2010, iPhone 4G: What will it be called?

With the anticipation of the next generation Apple iPhone release on the horizon there seems to be some debate on just what Apple will name the device, with the likes of iPhone 2010, iPhone 4G already being tagged as its name.

An interesting debate on the matter has taken place over on whirlpool forums, where the members have all added their views on what they think the next generation iPhone should be called.

The predictions of the naming of the new iPhone begins with member spypsy naming it the iPhone G4 the reason being as LTE 4G networks won’t be with us for a while yet, Generation4 is the logical choice, and can be followed with the iPhone G5 which fits with previous Macintosh naming conventions.

This then opened the debate over the naming of the next generation iPhone with members offering the likes of iPhone Pro, iPhone i4, iPhone Mini, iPhone X, iPhone 3GSV meaning video calling, iPhone 3GES meaning “even speedier”, and iPhone 3GS+.

All these seem very plausible iPhone monikers but the one I like the best is the iPhone XS meaning “eXtreme speed”. So do you have any other next generation iPhone names to put forward? If so please feel free to drop your new iPhone name below in our comments area.

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