Ninja Google via smartphone, are you serious?

Ninja Google, for some reason this seems to be what everyone wants so we went on our smartphone and done a Google search.

We found ninjagoogle.com and had a quick look, this is search site that allows you to search news, play games and so much more (We will not go into great detail because it’s boring to tell you truth.

Ninja Google does not take over the main Google Search Engine because it uses the main Google Search, the background is all black and hurts the eyes with its colours, really do not like it.

Ninja Google is only an affiliate site of Google.com, we had a little look on our smartphone and it does work fine, but we will stick with the main Google Search Engine thanks.

Please let us know what you think of Ninja Google and if it woks all fine on your mobile phone, what do you like and or dislike about it?

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