Verizon iPhone 2010 AT&T to work hard on service

So the rumours in relation to the Verizon iPhone 2010 are apparently true and Apple are working on a CDMA version of the best selling and most popular Smartphone.

When this happens the exclusivity deal that AT&T currently enjoy will be over. Having said that it looks like the deal will be a big benefit for those Verizon Wireless customers out there, could AT&T customers actually see an advantage.

PC World have stated the obvious by saying that sales are going to increase, yes of course they will, we all know that, however they go on to explain that having the largest wireless provider offering the best selling Smartphone to its customers will help as AT&T have already drowned the market.

Customers of Verizon Wireless have been patient and have waited for three years to get the iPhone and it looks like there are months left to wait. AT&T have started already started by upgrading their 3G network you can probably expect both Verizon and AT&T to work very hard on giving customers the best level of service over the coming months. Verizon could have that jump already mapped out when the iPhone 5G gets released as this is rumoured to be a full 4G version and as we know Verizon have already been working on its LTE network. Source – product-reviews.net

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