HTC EVO pricier than Nexus One but which would you choose?

The Sprint HTC Supersonic otherwise known at the HTC EVO is expected to release sometime in June with the Verizon Nexus One expected to be around any day now.

Although both of the mobile devices have been classes as super phones the HTC Supersonic stands a little taller than the Nexus One. Both the Nexus One and of course the HTC Supersonic or EVO are manufactured by HTC.

The latter of the two being the newer so HTC have decided to include some extra goodies. Both start with the same basics a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Google‘s Android OS but that’s as far as the similarities go.

The Supersonic has 1GB RAM, whereas the Nexus One has 512 MB RAM, the display is 4.3 on the Supersonic and 3.7 on the Nexus One. The camera on the Supersonic is 8 megapixels at the rear and 1.3 in the front, Nexus One 5 megapixels front only. The battery, Supersonic 1500mAH, and the Nexus One 1400mAH. So the HTC Supersonic or EVO stands out above the Nexus One and is of course a little more expensive. Although we can only speculate that when the Verizon Nexus One hit’s the stores it will be a similar price to the T Mobile Nexus One which is $179 with a two year contract, again we’d expect the HTC EVO not to sell for less than $200. Are you prepared to pay that little bit extra? Share your comments with us. Source – ozcarguide.com


6 thoughts on “HTC EVO pricier than Nexus One but which would you choose?”

  1. Informed says:

    Why don’t you mention, Verizon customers pay $30 more a month for their service as opposed to Sprint customers? Also, the EVO is 4G, Front facing camera, 3 more megapixels, the EVO has HD video streaming as well as out-put. HD 720p video recording, etc.

  2. Emerson Sheffey says:

    I have been an HTC believer, and with the EVO release am holding on to a broken HTC touch that only allows me to read my emails and text and answer the phone the screen is shot. However the wait is worth it. COME ON EVO!!!

    This should move SPRINT back to it’s rightful place at the TOP. That is to take nothing away from from the IPHONE its a shame Apple allowed AT&T to have exclusive rights in the states for 10 years.
    GO SPRINT!!!!

  3. Emerson Sheffey says:

    OOOOPS!!! I made a typo please forgive me. and with the EVO release am holding on to a broken HTC : should read

    “and with the EVO release I am holding on to my broken HTC”

  4. daryl says:

    I have been an Iphone user for 2 years. I have not even thought about buying anything else since I went to the Iphone, but this phone has raised the bar. If Apple does release some good news soon. I will be putting in order for the Evo as soon as it hits the store. Flash, huge screen, sd card, tethering for multiple devices. What more can I say.

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