Samsung Bada Lower End Phones Get Spotted

So far the only smartphone to sport Samsung’s new Bada operating system is the Samsung Wave handset, and to get the Bada OS out there Samsung is going to need to push out a few more handsets if Bada is ever going to catch on.

Well apparently that’s all being planned as an article over on the Samsung Hub reports that thanks to Bada Developer Day in Russia we get a quick look at what Samsung Bada phones are coming in future.

Now although there isn’t much detail to be gleaned from the screen capture, apparently all the pictures handset will feature the Bada operating system and will other than the Samsung Wave, be offered to the lower end market.

Senior Product Manager for Samsung Russia, Yuri Pustovoit has said that Samsung expects to offer the new Bada phones with a price ranging from 10,000 Rubles up to 20,000 Rubles which is roughly $340 to $685 and is planning on selling roughly 1.5 million handsets.

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