Apple iPad Jailbroken by iPhone Dev Team

It appears that the iPhone Dev Team are extremely on the ball, as Apple’s latest creation, the Apple iPad has only just gone on sale, but has already apparently been jailbroken by the guys that normally jailbreak the iPhone according to a report on intomobile.

They have even posted a video of a working iPad jailbreak, which of course we have for your viewing pleasure below and lasts almost two minutes.

Obviously the jailbreaking of the Apple iPad was inevitable at some point but I don’t believe it was expected to happen so quickly after release, but apparently the task has been accomplished and the iPhone Dev Team’s MuscleNerd has confirmed the installation of non iPad applications will soon be available.

Word is that this iPad jailbreak is called the “Spirit” and has been credited to @comex, but will take a while for the hack to move from development status to consumer status. Anyway, head on down below for that iPad jailbreak video and enjoy.

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