iPhone Android Port and Android iPhone Port in Future?

In the past we have seen quite a few smartphones being hacked to use other operating systems, only recently we have seen the Windows Phone 7 OS being ported to HTC HD2 although Microsoft said the HTC HD2 wouldn’t be upgradeable to their latest OS.

Although personally I am not a hacker or even that technically minded, I got to thinking why hasn’t anyone hacked the hottest operating system around onto the hottest smartphone around?

Of course I am taking about hacking the Android OS onto the Apple iPhone, I’m not sure whether this has been attempted in the past but think it would be an interesting project for some hacker to attempt.

Then there is of course the visa verse role whereby a hacker could attempt to port the iPhone OS onto another smartphone, again I’m not sure if this has been attempted, but again an interesting project for some clever developer maybe.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful mobile world if no matter what smartphone you own you could choose which operating system you want on your handset?

If it were possible we could see Android apps appearing on the iPhone or better yet iPhone apps appearing on an Android phone, or how about a dual-boot iPhone whereby the iPhone can boot into the iPhone OS and the Android OS?

What do you think; would you like to see Android hacked onto the iPhone and visa versa? Feel free to drop us your comments in the comments area below.


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